Go Access & Intercom

Simple & effective door and elevator control for businesses and strata

Manage your users, fobs and schedules with ease.

Access control needs can widely vary; We offer custom solutions that give the best bang for your buck. Here are a few features that we can provide:

Set schedules and events

Set it and forget it!

Create schedules for public access while locking out certain doors. All customizable to the times and days of the week of your choosing… Let us give you some examples:

  1. Allow only OWNER and CLEANERS access after business hours
  2. Allow Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM PUBLIC access to the front lobby of your apartment but only FOB access to the stairwell and parkade
  3. Allow 9AM to 10PM PUBLIC access to the front lobby for the January 27th for a showroom open house and have it reset to regular hours after that.
Create zone levels

Stay safe and save time!

Have zone levels for accessing different doors/areas and assign fobs a level with a click of a button.

Have a system of checks and balances when storing high value assets, protect your people by verifying allowed access to hazardous zones and more.

Detailed reports

Uncover the truth!

Track who accessed which doors on specific days and times.

Go Access Management

Let us manage your access control

Save time and stress by allowing us to add/delete users, create or change schedules, create or change access levels and more!

You will get industry knowledge and technical expertise with tips and ideas to make your business or strata management more efficient.

Here’s how it works:
  1. You email us at our service department:
    Hey guys,

    Add 1 user with fob, #9999 for tenant in #202 as a REGULAR user.



    Hey guys,

    Please change REGULAR users to have access to the FLOOR 2 BATHROOMS and delete access to ELECTRICAL ROOM for CLEANERS.


  2. We get these programmed from our remote server within 24 hours
And that’s it!

For emergencies that need immediate programming, we will provide you with a dedicated line.

Go Intercom

A strata and property manager specialty: Intercom

Leverage advancing technology to save service calls and downtime by using our carefully selected pool of intercom products.

Call us now to upgrade your system to a modern mobile ready option.

  1. See who’s at your door through an app
  2. Open doors using your mobile device
  3. Have a consistent and reliable experience

Depending on the wiring of the building and your budget, your ability to upgrade to mobile ready solutions can be difficult.

We offer standard and reliable landline systems with extended warranties to ease your mind.

Call now for a FREE custom quote for your building!: 604 626 0082