Vista 21iP Panels

The system will only arm if all of your connected doors and windows are closed. This is to prevent you from leaving a portion of your home insecure when you leave. If your keypad is saying ‘Alarm xx’ where xx is a 2 digit number, then you must reset your system by entering your 4 digit code and pressing ‘1 (off)’.

This is known as the ‘Chime’ feature. While the system is disarmed, it is a gentle reminder that a door or window has been opened. To enable/disable it, enter your 4 digit code and press ‘9 (chime)’. The keypad ‘chime’ indicator will disappear.

Enter your 4 digit code and 6 (bypass). Within 3 seconds, enter the two digit zone numbers of the areas you would like to bypass. You may also enter ‘#’ instead of the zone numbers and the system will bypass all of the open doors and windows and allow you arm the system.

The most common cause is dust and debris that has made its way into the detector. You can vacuum around the vent openings to remove the dust. A can of compressed air also works well to blow the dust and debris out. If this doesn’t work, the smoke detector may need to be replaced.

It is the customer’s responsibility to test the system weekly with the monitoring station. To do this, you must call our office number (604) 626-0082 and speak to a monitoring station agent. Ask to put your account on test and they will then log any signals that come in instead of taking further action. You must call back when you are done, ask if they received any alarms, and when you’re done, ask to put your account back online. The system will also send our monitoring station a signal every week indicating that it is online and communicating properly.

The most common cause is a change in the layout of the room where the motion is located. In households with pets, they are mostly caused by furniture being too close to the detector. Upon install, our experienced technicians locate the motion detectors in the most ideal location. You may have to call our office number (604) 626-0082 and book a service call to have the motion adjusted.

Enter your 4 digit code and press ‘1 (off)’. This will stop the alarm from sounding. Enter it once more to clear the memory and reset the system.