Serving Surrey With The Security Products And Support You Need To Stay Safe And Connected.

Collaborating with you makes our role easier. We approach each new customer with the assumption that we have something to learn from them. Only after we gain a full understanding of your security needs do we come up with a plan that will work for you.

Our services include the installation and servicing of intrusion alarm systems, security cameras, video surveillance systems, wireless, hardwire, and hybrid systems, remote control and notification services, video camera systems (IP and analog), and GSM communication conversions (upgrades from 2G to 4G for example).

Security Installation Services

It’s a simple process. We work with you to come up with a plan, then keep you apprised of everything we’re doing, from product installation and initial testing to face-to-face tutorials on how to access a full compliment of features on your personal electronic devices.

Go Security technicians have extensive experience installing security products in a wide range of environments, from large warehouses and corporate offices in Surrey to retail locations, as well as every type of residential property, including town homes, condos, single family residences in the city, as well as vacation homes out of town.

Alarm Monitoring Services

We are Honeywell Authorized Security dealers. Everything we install works seamlessly with a monitoring network that follows the most up to date protocols in the industry. Our systems are designed to instantly verify every security event encountered on your Surrey property, then relay this information to local authorities for decisive action.

Security Alarm Testing And Maintaining

We use a scheduling dashboard that keeps track of all your routine testing and maintenance dates, meaning you can stroke that part of your life off your to-do list. Our technicians will keep you up to date on every aspect of your security products and the technologies attached to them, upgrading them when necessary and adjusting their features as your family or your business evolve.

Nomination for Service Excellence, City of Langley



A security system with a full compliment of remotely accessible security features is a key component of most successful businesses in Surrey.

Protecting your business interests, property and employees can become a full-time job. The ability to remotely access, monitor and control many layers of your Surrey based company’s security and monitoring systems is a personal tool that can truly revolutionize your ability to keep everything running smoothly when you’re not on site.

Go Security Systems specializes in feature rich, yet easy to use, internet based security and video systems that allow you to interact with your business environment — through your smart phone, tablets, iPhone or iPad, no matter where you are on the globe.We have the capacity and experience to fully equip large, multi-system buildings in Surrey such as commercial warehouses and office space, as well as retail locations, small businesses and restaurants. Our team plans and implements the entire job, installing security and video systems where they will be most effective, meeting the needs you have specifically identified right from the outset.

Go Security takes the time to learn from you what it means to succeed in your Surrey based business. Your security and video systems should be in synch with every aspect of your operations, adding value and protection everywhere they are needed.

It’s important to us to effectively communicate with you from the start. To ask the right questions and take the time to understand your business and your needs — including what they may be in the future.

Our experience in the security industry has taught us that each client has specific requirements, unique to them, that will help them to thrive. And it’s only through taking the time to learn about you and to care about your priorities, that we will be able to provide you with the products, features and service that will keep your business in Surrey, safely and securely moving forward.

Nomination for Service Excellence, City of Langley



We make your Surrey home safe and easily accessible to you from anywhere in the world. The busier life gets, the more valuable your home is to you. It’s your refuge, after all. And your family should feel secure knowing it will be safe, whether you’re home or not.

Opportunities to monitor and control your home environment have never been so sophisticated, flexible and easy. Access to security and communication systems is available wherever there is an internet connection, giving you the ability to tap into your Surrey home base whenever you need to address an issue, change a setting or check on someone.

But hi-tech features are only valuable to you if you know what they are and how to use them.

The Go Security team doesn’t just install a security system and hand you a manual.

We keep current with each new product we install, so we are able to tap into the full compliment of features of each security device. After finding out what your biggest needs are now (and what they might be in the future) we customize the settings on your smart phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad and show you how to interact with them as well.

Go Security works with all major brands and have extensive understanding of remote services that are compatible with all smart phones and tablets. This includes Honeywell Total Connect, which allows you to receive alerts and view live video on your device. Everything from keeping an eye on your pet, or seeing who is at your front door, to discovering a plumbing emergency before it causes extensive damage (even the ability to remotely adjust your home heating system) is instantly available to you.

Our technicians have extensive experience installing security systems, security cameras and video surveillance systems in all manner of residences, from condos and town homes, to single family dwellings, and multi-use properties (such as those combining homes and businesses) in both Langley, Surrey and other areas of BC. They are also government licensed, bonded, insured and are continually upgrading their training in the products they install and service.

Nomination for Service Excellence, City of Langley